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Music that comes straight from the heart

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 24, 2007, 10:29 AM
  • Listening to: 1981 & Badhairday
  • Reading: Stein & Flöte

"It's just a Lullaby
that comes straight from the heart"

Lullaby by 1981

As your attorney, i advise you to listen to the music  from:

Check out the Concerts



It's really worth!

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Time and time again

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 14, 2007, 4:37 AM
  • Listening to: drums
  • Reading: books
  • Drinking: water

Oh year, give me more and shake hands
Allright, have your fight and wait there
Oh yeah, you're so near, I love you
Feel the sky
fe - el the sky"

Grubby by Jonas

I was quite busy and due a lack of creativity I haven't submited anything.

But now I can show you some pics from the last Autumn:
Broken Tree by SimonArts Angry Tree by SimonArts Tunnel of Nature by SimonArts

I hope it is getting better soon...
but other parts of my life are more important now
so be patient with me...

Enjoy your Life!

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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 24, 2006, 1:16 AM
  • Listening to: TOOL
  • Reading: Hermann Hesse - Der Steppenwolf

"Allem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne, der uns beschützt und hilft zu leben!"


:icondancewiththesky: has with his deviantEXPERIENCE :thumb42295860: a great variety of scripts which I only can recommend:

I'll show you four of them. but have a view to the other scripts too:

The newest addition is
which is very useful for too big Pictures! I love it!

Devious Morning: delivers news updates right inside your message center!

Memories: allows one to have a glimpse of an artist's gallery right from artist's profile.

TransW00T:  adds a translation capabilities to deviantART interface (for Firefox).

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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 15, 2006, 6:45 AM
  • Listening to: Radiohead
  • Reading: Carlos Castaneda
  • Playing: TOOL

"If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed;
if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.."
Mark Twain

I decided to JOIN :icondeviant-arcade:


territory by Mortenn Ludmila1 by Mortenn Postcard from the past by Mortenn
irately by Mortenn

I don't know how much time I can effort to change the features e.g. weekly, but I will try!

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Feature in CSS

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 4, 2006, 1:56 AM
  • Listening to: Radiohead
  • Reading: Die andere Schöpfung
  • Watching: Das Parfum
  • Drinking: Strongbow

"Die wahrhaft Wissenden haben zu allen Zeiten den Sündenfall nicht als Unglück, sondern als Vorbestimmung und die Sünde nicht als Defekt, sondern als Bewusstsein von Unvollkommenheit und damit als Lebensreiz zur Heilung angesehen."


Today I want to Feature my Friend tomonline who was travelling quite a lot.
And I'm sure he will show us a great variety of Photographs from all over the world...

Atardecer en Colonia by tomonline Palacio Salvo by tomonline Laguna Verde by tomonline
Garganta del Diablo by tomonline La Boca - Barrio Bonito by tomonline Valle de la Luna by tomonline

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Wed Sep 6, 2006, 1:18 AM

"I walk through walls
I float down the liffey."

Oh, man this was it!
to see Radiohead live in Dublin was that great! :wow:
With Beck as support and a perfect Show they impressed me more that I expected.
The Playlist very also very special. They even played "Creep" which they do very seldom.

As we were running through the streets of Dublin with a Radiohead T-Shirt many people ask us about  the concert.
I have never known that to happen in Austria.
Nearly everybody seems to know them in Ireland. It was very cool!
I really enjoyed the trip exept the food is really I would say disgusting  :puke:

Here for those who don't know it yet my Red Series:
Red One by SimonArts Bring me a Drink... by SimonArts

:iconnightline: who showed me dA and helped me all the time! BIG THANKS
Christmas in Vienna by Nightline Road To Success by Nightline Blue Vibes by Nightline Lightdrops by Nightline

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  • Listening to: Radiohead
  • Reading: Die andere Schöpfung
  • Watching: Mad Mission
  • Drinking: Strongbow

SURVIVAL / Arch Series

Fri Jul 28, 2006, 3:41 AM

"Das Äußere einer Pflanze ist nur die Hälfte ihrer Wirklichkeit."

J.W. Goethe

:butterfly: :bug: >Q :frog: :moo: :penguin: :trout: :sheepish: :cowtwo: :shamrock: :butterflytwo: >Q :butterfly: :bug: :trout: :sheepish:  >Q :frog: :moo::shamrock:

I'm going next week to a trip into the nature!
I'm doing this the second time and it is much fun:
You learn how to make a shelter, to make fire without lighter/matches to read animal track and so on...

The best part of it is to get out of the "normal" life and you can see the world and life with different eyes!

Just for you I leave new Arch Series for the following week:

Spain: Barcelona:

Stone Wave by SimonArts White Spring by SimonArts La Pedrera by SimonArts

and from all the above an overlayed picture:
                               Multiplexed Arches by SimonArts

Norway: Cape North
St. John's Chapel by SimonArts Holy North by SimonArts

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  • Listening to: Sound of Nature
  • Reading: Inipi - Das Lied der Erde


Mon Jul 17, 2006, 12:52 AM

"Der Sinn des Lebens ist nicht ewig, sondern etwas zu wollen."
aus einem Traum.

I just have to Post it.. oh the singer of Radiohead, my most favourite Band, has released a solo project called The Eraser

Oh this is really kind a inimitable and incomparable Music. I just love it :heart:!

Please check out my [Impressions of Europe] Series.

and my newest Deviations :deviation::
St. John's Chapel by SimonArts Multiplexed Arches by SimonArts Pantheon by SimonArts Holy North by SimonArts

In any case thanks for any :+devwatch:,:+fav:  & comment...

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  • Listening to: - Thom Yorke
  • Reading: Inipi - Das Lied der Erde
  • Watching: Lord of War
After a long an exciting journey through Europe I'm back with some new stuff!

Here is my first Series of
Impressions of Europe:


          Firenze         /         Stop the Time      /      Sunset de' Medici
Firenze by SimonArts    Stop the Time by SimonArts    Sunset de' Medici by SimonArts

Tomb of Soldier    /          Fountain of Light     /     A Shot through a Horse
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by SimonArts Fountain of Light by SimonArts        A Shot through a Horse by SimonArts



        Trash             /               Memory       /     It's the End of the World...
TRASH by SimonArts Memory by SimonArts     It's the End of the World... by SimonArts


Stay tuned...

Critics and comments and everything else are very welcome!

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  • Listening to: Radiohead - All of them
  • Reading: Fritz Mühlenweg - In geheimer Mission
  • Watching: Pulp Fiction (cult)
Mood: :excited:  excited :butterfly:  :butterflytwo:  
Listening to: Biffy Clyro - INFINITY LAND
Reading: Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha
Watching: all the sights of europe

"Man braucht nicht einen Berg zu besteigen, um zu wissen, dass er hoch ist." Paulo Coelho

I have to post that I have to leave for one month because of my vacation through europe :plug:  

My trip is going to:
Florenz, Rom, Monaco, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Amsterdam, Kopenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki NorthCape and maybe more...  

but my   :gallery: is still online :-)

I'm so happy that I' m on this outstanding travel.

But I leave you my
[Door of Soul],
Door of Soul by SimonArts
so don't forget about me!

:iconnightline: for all the help & get me here!

Check out my
[Red Series] :deviation:
Bring me a Drink... by SimonArts Red One by SimonArts
    and the
[Partly Fossil God]
Partly fossil God by SimonArts

In any case thanks for any :+devwatch:,:+fav:  & comment...
see ya in one month...:bye:&:sprint:  
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Mood: Soon on holiday on a travel to western europe :butterfly:  :butterflytwo:  
Listening to: Biffy Clyro - INFINITY LAND
Reading: Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha
Watching: Davinci Code

Das vollständige Gedicht zu meinem Beitrag am Spring Contest

Das Stumme spricht by SimonArts
Die Sonne spricht zu uns mit Licht,
Mit Duft und Farbe spricht die Blume,
Mit Wolken, Schnee und Regen spricht
Die Luft. Es lebt im Heiligtume
Der Welt ein unstillbarer Drang,
Der Dinge Stummheit zu durchbrechen,
In Wort, Gebärde, Farbe, Klang
Des Seins Geheimnis auszusprechen.

Hier strömt der Künste lichter Quell,
Es ringt nach Wort, nach Offenbarung,
Nach Geist die Welt und kündet hell
Aus Menschenlippen ewige Erfahrung.
Nach Sprache sehnt sich alles Leben,
In Wort und Zahl, in Farbe, Linie, Ton
Beschwört sich unser dumpfes Streben
Und baut des Sinnes immer höhern Thron.

In einer Blume Rot und Blau,
In eines Dichters Worte wendet
Nach innen sich der Schöpfung Bau,
Der stets beginnt und niemals endet.
Und wo sich Wort und Ton gesellt,
Wo Lied erklingt, Kunst sich entfaltet,
Wird jedesmal der Sinn der Welt,
Des ganzen Daseins neu gestaltet,
Und jedes Lied und jedes Buch
Und jedes Bild ist ein Enthüllen,
Ein neuer, tausendster Versuch,
Des Lebens Einheit zu erfüllen.

In diese Einheit einzugehn
Lockt euch die Dichtung, die Musik,
Der Schöpfung Vielfalt zu verstehn
Genügt ein einziger Spiegelblick.
Was uns Verworrenes begegnet,
Wird klar und einfach im Gedicht:
Die Blume lacht, die Wolke regnet,
Die Welt hat Sinn, das Stumme spricht.

(von Hermann Hesse)

:iconnightline: who showed me this nice and inspirating site!

Check out my
[Red Series] and
[Green Series]

In any case thanks for any comment...
see ya soon...:bye:&:sprint:  
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Hallo liebe Leute!
I just got it:new:
My first animated Gif is online.  
It took a lot of time to know how to do...
But Critics are always welcome....
So I just improved it because of :iconsq7:'s hint. :handshake:

Special Thx for :iconnightline: who showed me this nice and inspirating site!
:star::star::star::star::star: for your works, i'm alway impressed from it!

Now the [Green Series] and
In the Woods by SimonArts
[Red Series] are online:
Bring me a Drink... by SimonArts

Also a big THX for :iconopen-shutter: who gave my the first :+fav: for
Die heilige Stunde! :bow:
Die heilige Stunde by SimonArts

In any case thanks for the 135 watches & any comment...
see ya soon...:bye:&:sprint: